[ Indonesia ]

teh GOPEK was established during colonization of Japan in 1942. Without a doubt, teh GOPEK has become one legendary tea having its own strong and of certain taste.

The name of GOPEK derived from a qualified tea leaves, that is Golden Orange PEKoe. It also referred to the middle name of five brothers who founded the company: Kwee PEK Tjoe, Kwee PEK Hoey, Kwee PEK Lioe, Kwee PEK Lo alias Tjokro Hadisusilo, and Kwee PEK Yauw alias Tedjo Sukmono.

teh GOPEK started as a home industry in Slawi using only simple equipments. During years, it growned into a firm namely 'FA Limas Jaya' and in year 2000 this company has settled itself as an Inc. under name PT. Gopek Cipta Utama. teh GOPEK has registered its products and obtained 'Halal' (حلال) certificates from MUI.

Until now, this company maintained its good quality by using only carefully selected tea leaves and natural ingredients. This, can be easily noticed by the growing tea leaves in your pot when you make it. Combined with the sweet smell of fresh jasmine and authentic colour to ensure you the purity of the products.

teh GOPEK takes good care of the quality not only from the production, but controls also that in the market and storage. By doing so, teh GOPEK has been able to manage its authentic taste from time to time and achieved many rewards and vivid acknowledgement from society. Fairly said that teh GOPEK is a 'A Genuine Tea Legend' or in its native language 'Legenda Teh Sejati'.